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Resolution Detective Agency utilizes surveillance techniques that are unique but simple. We provide video footage and still photos of the assigned subject. We only use the latest state-of-the-art equipment that is made available to the Investigative Industry. Discreet equipment like pager-cams, cell phone-cams, pen cameras and other covert equipment are utilized when necessary.

Our surveillance vehicles are equipped with tools that help our investigators remain undetected. All of our surveillance vehicles are ordinary automobiles that blend in with other cars and trucks and do not have the typical "Surveillance Vehicle" appearance. Each video surveillance assignment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. With the appropriate investigator or team of investigators being assigned based on the individual requirements of each and every case!

3 hour minimum time, Hi-Def/Digital Video of all activity including start and end video.

Investigative Rate Per Hour Varies; Call For Pricing

CCTV / Covert Video Surveillance Equipment

Under our CCTV PROS brand we offers an extensive selection of network IP cameras, analog cameras and specialty camera systems ideal for any lighting condition, any environment and any application. From our industry-leading IP and standard-definition fixed cameras to high-speed domes, integrated positioning systems, advanced thermal imaging cameras and more, the choice is yours, installation of state-of-art video surveillance equipment, with significant emphasis on training for the latest video technology.


Covert Camera installation and rentals
Teddy Bear Camera/Nanny Cams
Wall Clock Camera
Complete wireless covert systems




  • Proprietary information abuses
  • Patent and copyright infringement
  • Embezzlement and accounting fraud
  • Violations of company policies and procedure
  • Location and recovery of leased property


  • Property theft investigations
  • Individual Asset Search


Selective Interviews and the sub sequent subject Interrogation techniques have been utilized for eighty years to determine guilt and solicit admissions when little or no other evidence can connect a crime/incident to an individual. Often what is seen on TV/Movies is a play on the little understood Science of Selective Interview and Interrogations. Rarely could TV methods ever actually get the legally binding, willing confession that a true confession professional can develop.


  • Theft of company Product or Intelligence
  • Sexual Harassment and other malfeasance
  • Proprietary information abuses
  • Interview Job Candidates
  • Patent and copyright infringement
  • Embezzlement and accounting fraud
  • Violations of company policies and procedure
  • Location and recovery of business property


  • Witness, Defendant, Plaintiff Interviews
  • Statement collection, recorded/video taped
  • Criminal, Civil, Probate, Domestic cases


  • Property theft investigations
  • Harassment, sexual and others
  • Stalker Interviews/Investigations
  • Statement collection

The private sector has studied verbal, non-verbal and neurolinguistic responses of deceitful people. These studies have developed proven methodologies that are trained to local, state and national law agencies.

These non-threatening, non-accusatory interviews evaluate deceitful verses truthful responses and are utilized to:

  • eliminate the not guilt persons from a group
  • narrowing down the possible subjects to often one person
  • setup the process of interrogation for confessions.

With an average success rate between 85%-90% the techniques work where others investigative methods fail.

For businesses these techniques create less liability, put a spotlight on infrastructure weaknesses and highlight necessary changes in order to prevent future incidents.

The proprietor and lead investigator of Resolution Assurance Group maintains advanced certifications in the world renowned disciplines of Wicklander-Zulawski and Associates and the Reid Techniques of Interview and Interrogations.

“non-confrontational approach is more effective”

ASSET SEARCHES - Individual/Business

When a person or company wins a case in civil or probate court and are granted a judgment/compensation; the courts are often ill-equipped to handle the search and the process of locating assets to satisfy the award.

This is where Resolution Assurance Group may assist you in collecting on that judgment; utilizing modern legal methods that meet or exceed Federal Guidelines; i.e. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

We locate and recover accurate and verified information on the assets of individual person(s) and company(s) located across the country.

We have highly trained investigators, current with state / federal laws and procedures to get you information you need legally.


We work directly with attorneys to investigate

  • Pre-Marital Background Checks
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Spouse Visitation Checks

The facts provided in this investigation can assist attorneys in their recommendation of the sole person chosen for child custody. In addition, we provide you with facts documenting the "unwarranted or inappropriate behavior" of persons directly involved with your children.

Our surveillance techniques and extensive investigations of criminal records and background information are used in an effort to prevent possible or further Child Abuse, Cohabitation with the child present, Child Neglect, Parents drug/alcohol abuse.

  • Alimony Reduction/Cohabitation
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • *Specializing in Difficult & Unusual Cases


Preliminary database record check of individual

• Witnesses • Defendants • Missing persons • Heirs

Skip Trace 2

In person investigative search of individual, through direct contact, database searches and lead development. This involves extensive field work and years of experienced investigative research.

*We proudly operate on a 90% success rate!


Each year millions of workers pilfer billions of dollars worth of goods and services from the places where they work.

The undercover agent is your eyes and ears to what is happening in your business or organization.

When management has concerns that an individual employee or a group of employees are behaving improperly but can not determine what they are doing, an undercover operative can frequently establish if there is justification for concern or not.

Undercover operations are a critical tool used to resolve difficult situations where an insider’s view is needed.

Undercover operative working within your business have proven to be an invaluable tool in discovering internal theft rings, drug dealing within the workplace, otherwise unproven sexual harassment and much more.


Our strong network of affiliates enables our detectives to conduct very thorough insurance fraud investigations. Our experience and creative attitude will bring you results on a budget limited in both time and money. If a claim is suspected to be fraudulent, our specially trained insurance fraud investigators will gather the necessary evidence to fight the claim.

We will give your case the attention it deserves, ensuring that you will see results fast. Due to the complexity of insurance fraud investigations, please contact our office directly to discuss your case particulars and to obtain an accurate quote for the service you are requesting.

The proprietor and lead investigator of Resolution Assurance Group maintain advanced certifications in Insurance Fraud Investigation Techniques.



  • Sexual Harassment & work-place related cases
  • Criminal Defense - Felonies & Misdemeanors
  • Family Law - divorce, child custody & adoptions
  • Personal Injury & Wrongful Death
  • Locating and taking statements of witnesses


  • Divorce, marital and child custody cases
  • Missing persons, friends and relatives / Missing children and run-a-way
  • Location and Recovery of Property


  • Record Retrieval: Criminal/ Civil/ Probate/ Common Pleas
  • Criminal records available not only Nationwide but also Worldwide
  • Reference Checks
  • Employment Checks

Resolution Detective Agency can provide you with instant availability to nationwide hands-on (on site) research of County Civil and Criminal records, Federal Civil and Criminal Records, Marriage Licenses, Divorce Records, Death Certificates, Business Licenses, Fictitious Business Name Filings, Corporate Records, Limited Partnership/Limited Liability Records, LASD, SEC, UCC Filings, Board of Equalization Records, OSHA records, U.S. Patents and Trademarks, Real Property Records, Tax Liens and Judgments, Workers' Compensation Records, and more. The majority of the requests can be completed in the same working day, including document retrieval.


(Within OHIO Only)

  1. Single Visit Service: This is a single visit; actions are taken to confirm that the subject will be available to receive the service. If the subject is not available or subsequent follow-up visits are required an additional fee of $45.00 per visit is charged.
  2. Multiple Visit Service: This is a Single Visit Service with up to 3 follow-up visits built into a flat rate of $150.00
  3. Creative Service: This is a Multiple Visit Service used in those situations where past service attempts have failed or the subject is aware of a potential service and is taking steps to avoid a service. We utilize over 15 years experience to create a situation where the subject will accept the service. The rate for this service is $275.00 plus the cost of any tools necessary to complete the service (limited to an additional $75.00). This is a guaranteed service and if we are unable to deliver the service you are only charged $45.00. We get them served when everyone else failed.
  • Standard delivery within 40 miles of office additional charges for mileage
  • *Special Process Services Available

*In those circumstances where special attention is required in order to serve process Resolution Assurance Group will illicit one of the many tricks of the trade in order to get the Process accepted.


  • Vehicle Recovery/Repossession - Car, Motorcycle, Boat, Trailer, etc.
  • (Rental) Property Recovery

We work directly with bank/finance agencies, business owners and the courts.


  • GPS device installation, covert hardwired inside vehicle or exterior (permissible purpose required)
  • GPS locating services, including physical searches, radio frequency and Thermal Imaging
  • Equipment rental and purchase.  Monitoring programs vary starting as low as $30/month
  • Multiple devices and vendors to suit your exact meets


Call for Details and Processes

We work directly with and have associations with Bail Bond Agencies.

Members: *Fugitive Recovery Network

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